FB_IMG_1497504354412Our Universe has set a variety of mysteries in its own right. And the mysteries of this universe are full of various types of mysterious. Any ordinary man can not do any magic or magic of mysterious. But still some promising masters declare a variety of proofs while trying hard to trap the secret of some of the mysteries of all the supernatural universe.

Are those proofs are 100 percent truthful? Many times they are not true even when they happen. Normal brain or paralytic masters whose numbers are usually more frequent. They know that fact or proof, only imaginary. Can he be completely wrong? Or seemingly ordinary, I have hidden many extraordinary thinking behind the thinking of the peas … Well, many times we all have seen that the proofs are today, some time later some other knowledgeable men prove it a false and a new The world reveals with evidence facts.

Our motivation often declares quantities without coming to the conclusion of the facts. What are the human masks? Is it not just a collection of only * data * facts like computers?

There are many promising and curious masters in our world. But even if some knowledgeable mind
If you make a mistake then is it completely the fault of him?

After all, did this wrong information or false * d ata * come in that math? Is it anyway that a driver’s brain has made this wrong fact that he has transferred or loaded? And without being able to come in front of himself, doing his own experiment by him? Whatever is happening.

I would like to ask you if there is any contaminated miscarriage that comes in front of you ..?
Anybody will have to find a break from this malicious software software. but how ?
Actually it is a type of * virus * even when it is a corrupted software.

Yes, is not from today, but from time immemorial, such an anti virus or break is available to humans, even imagination can not do any ordinary design.

In today’s context, today’s masters are forgetting to think of themselves as something more fast * fast. And refusing all those anti-viruses
I have fizzled out

What are these anti-viruses? And how does this work?

The answer is hidden in the supernatural, it is true that you have heard it right. The only way through which we are able to treat all those maladies is their priority.
Corrupted softwares can be improved by anti-virus of spirituality.

Yet today’s sharp masters are constantly using new experiments, rejecting all the physical softwares.

Sometimes the status takes on a very horrible form. And any anti-war also does not come down again.
Then all those corrupt minds are sent to soft ware mechanics ie mental health *. But often people have come to see the repaired objects with a smile. So what?

There are also big strange world of maushak sahab. In my eyes, the human mammals are very large, without any viruses or disturbances, they work from the anti-virus of spirituality.

Today, there are regular new discoveries today. And those new things are very old even when they are not new.

Many times we hear some of our scholars say that we are often saying that this thing or the soft-ware of this supernatural is useless. Or this is the soft ware of women’s brain.
Should we have to understand that women’s teachers and men’s machics are bad and they soften their soft ware differently? Or nature has made them differently.It’s a fantasy, sir .

For centuries, man’s masculature has understood the female masculature from its own or small.
Can a masculine be high or low only by gender?

If you see, men’s masks are somewhat shocked today, and why are they paralyzed?

Why today the woman’s mascot has shown herself to prove herself in every field. And he has proved that his soft-ware is not less than any male masti soft-ware.

The women today are creating new history. * Why if there is a mistake then the blame will not go away
It is rather soft-wired that it moves. The blame is of those figures that when unknowingly it loads.

The manner in which women’s masks have shown using their softwares and have made history
It has proved to him that if we use our brains properly, then everyone will be proud of the soft-ware of our masters.

In the same way, there is absolutely no solution to the rule of Brahmin and Mastak, but friends are still only beginning.

Today, we need a human brain softwire that can run the next generations on the good path of ethics, humanity, and equality.

And no virus on its surface could be able to do its work on the right hand ware.

The younger generation of today wants to prepare such a young mood for the future. And this is the responsibility of every responsible person.

If this happens, then the day is not far when no Mastijas will forget their Hindus and helpless-will not forget them. And on this entire Brahmin will be the rule of good governance only !!!

After all, when will that day … When will it come…? Written by Vikrant Rajliwal.

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