Character character, has a very strange knowledge. Sometimes knowingly and unknowingly, he always bewildered. Yes, here is the subject of knowledge.

Sometimes a person does not even realize that when he speaks only in words, or because of ignorant lust, his precious charismal qualities, when he himself falls due to ignorance or unconscious mind And that’s going to increase.

Nevertheless, if ever, the person is aware of God’s grace, due to the connotation of the enlightenment, or the knowledge of his sleeping enlightenments, the man should realize that on the way he is, the forgiveness, or Due to ignorance, it is going away, this is the path which he would have got ordinary knowledge. Actually walking on this path has resulted in his or her fall.

It seems to me, that in today’s highly occupied society, today’s human beings do not have time left to improve their own character. And in this highly organized society, when man unknowingly turns his character down, and he can not even get the slightest realization of that matter, then there is nothing surprising in it.

Still … will decrease when dark darkness rises, then it will be seen that his character is innocent. Whenever it will be her, and innocent character something, her will be depressed.

It seems to me, that person’s lost character will be restored again.

If the mirror of civilized society is to shine
Not only for myself, but for yourself
Creating a civilized society.

So stop the fall of your character, that is a very horrible thing in which it does not belong to itself, but to yourself.

Then, doing yourself a tax, you own character
Now you, yourself, have to burn yourself.

These values ​​will not be erased either by burning or by getting it.
The more you drink, the more kundan will become.

Everything else is going on, making yourself a character, making life happy. Tax exemptions are good, such a permanent, for generations, the upcoming victim, the character, and himself, have to go on this path.

Truth-non-violence and virtuous qualities, then centuries old. It is not easy to walk on this path, friends, there is corruption everywhere! Today, here is a time of dishonesty.

However, whatever has been done, its character is created, not only himself but also has changed, it is here that every selfless person

The person who is good and character is also the person.
There is a different identity in every society.

Whether it laches, its opposition to it,
Does not decrease brightness and its noble identity

Written by Vikrant Rajlival
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