महोबत मै हो गए नाकामयाब जो दीवाने ए महोबत ये जिंदगी बिखर गई।

जुदा हो गए सनम से अपने जो दीवाने ए महोबत टूटा दिल ये धड़कने खो गई।।

रचनाकार विक्रांत राजलीवाल द्वारा लिखित।


This life was scattered all the way, but it was very difficult.
Dissociated with lover, who lost his heart and lost his heart.

Written by composer Vikrant Rajlewal

Written by composer Vikrant Rajliwal Translated


Mohobat me ho gye jo nayamyab jo deewane ae mhobbat ye zindagi bikhar gyi.
Zuda hu gye sanam se apane jo deewane ae mhobbat tuta dil ye dhakane kho gyi.

Rachnakar Vikrant Rajliwal dwara likhit

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