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September 12, 2018
Kavi, Shayar & Natakakar Vikrant Rajliwal Creation's

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Way of improvement and attraction. (Anti drug program)

On the path of improvement we face every weak or distracted feeling and devious mindset by the miserable mindset, one step towards victory is approaching, or we can change our way of reducing the addiction of addiction. .

From here we are known to have two passages and both start with the same, but the direction of both is never the same.

On the road to improvement, it is sure to face the road of every improvement from this crossroads. And this crossroads begin with attraction.

Off course! First of all, we are attracted to the addiction of our addiction, which we used to be frightened while consuming, and because of that charm, some of the people on whom the program is pleased to accept, adopts the program and the power of that program. Facing attraction, one step of victory is approached.

And the other is the one who does not show mercy to the program and because of his weak mentality and loneliness alone, again addiction addiction ignorance.

Here we go about two passages and two types of Rahi whose origin in the same direction emerges from the same direction and the direction is attraction. But the results of both paths are of two types as …

First of all, the program that is pleased with the program, one who encounters the power of the program, has a lot of buzzing attraction from the addiction of his addiction, whose fruits are his rivals, again two ways.
1) The first is the path of victory which they receive easily from the knowledge of the proper program and the proper congruence and leads them one step further towards the path of improvement.

2) And secondly, due to the lack of due diligence, a reasonable connoisseur and a genuine winner believing in the power of the program in every difficult situation, accepting his weak mentality, through his guidance, Swam with the buzzing charm of his addiction Moving forward one step ahead of saving

👉 In contrast, it is the second type of person who does not want to go on the path of reform, but also without the desire to add to the addiction of his intoxicant addiction, but due to his lack of proper perseverance, In the sufferings of addiction, which result in the power of the program, they do not show mercy and they again get trapped in such a jungle, they get pain and pain only! Relieving relationships with pain breakdown feelings, pain is an unconscious fear, pain caused by one of his wrong steps which he could have survived only, and only through the right knowledge and use of the program, he could have survived a proper conclusive As a result of a right guidance obtained from a reasonable step.

👉 From here there are two groups of their groups!

1) The first which is to re-guide them towards the program of improvement, by taking a proper fitting reciprocity. Removing one of their pain gives them a sense of calmness while moving towards one step towards victory.

2) And secondly, due to the lack of proper fusion, one introduces itself to one step further towards the addiction of his addiction, by introducing pain to one of his eternal and unintentional periods. Whereas sadness, poverty, disease and mental disadvantages not only their own but also ruins the lives of their people and make them even worse than hell.

That is why it is very necessary to achieve proper perception on the path of improvement because the path of victory is also more probable with proper fidelity and it gets proper congruence, around the program meetings and other improvements like yourself. By giving proper guidance at the right time, we can keep us safe from the addictive but dangerous toxic addiction of addiction addiction and let us reach one step towards victory.

Thank you.

Written by Writer, Author, and Thinker Vikrant Rajliwal (A Recovery Addict)(Translated by Vikrant Rajliwal)

12/09/2018 at 23:37 pm

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