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September 16, 2018
Kavi, Shayar & Natakakar Vikrant Rajliwal Creation's

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Recovery A Realization.

Feeling (self-restraint)

Hello friends, here I would like to share some thoughts and feelings with you all that the thought of ​​my anti-drug and the behavior of the behavior change program is March 2004, according to my memory and 2003 according to my Gurudev, The thoughts and sentiments of the thoughts and sentiments of most of his memory are not even today.

Here, I would like to tell all the loved ones that during my 14 or 15 years journey I still relaed 3 to 4 times (first when I was illiterate and struggling to get education.) After second marriage, Facing the opportunity of acquiring and after getting the opportunity of third education, during only three family celebrations during 2008 to 2017). Staying safe from the help and knowledge of prayer and knowledge of peace, I have reached here through my 10th grade undergraduate education and literary journey.

Today, I feel proud of this and feel the feeling of self-restraint and realize that today I will go through the journey of my recovery, one year ten days (from August 6, 2017 to 1 year and 10 days) Staying away from the devotees of his master has received from the blessings and blessings.

And while I still get the time, sharing these experiences and achievements of these 15 years with drugs and drugs etc., giving them a powerful guidance while giving them a step and a recovery to their recovery and the divine triumph of God I can move on

My 14 to 15 year journey was not so simple as it seems now. I play the many roles that I have composed today by the creators, writers, poets, poets, dramatists, ghazals, musicians, and thinkers, along with my first published book of the poems inspired by the social and humanity’s feelings * realization * which was published in the year 2016. Hui. Without the help of God’s grace and program, I could hardly get it.

Today, I pray all my achievements to my God, to my program, while praying for other addictive and mentally ill people, our teachers and self-peace for self.

This god

Give us such a calm

From which we

Could accept

Whom we can not change.

Give courage

To change those things

 Whom we can change.

And let us make such good sense

 With whom we both

Know the difference

Thank you.

Written by composer and writer Vikrant Rajliwal (Recovery Adject 2003 and Recovery from August 6, 2017)
16/09/2016 at 21:33 pm (translated by Vikrant Rajliwal)

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