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September 17, 2018
Author, Writer, Poet And Dramatist Vikrant Rajliwal

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💥 Mutual Love And Brotherhood.

IMG_20180914_162154_987Today, on this day of the birth anniversary of the Prime Minister of India, we saw all the great platforms of social media and felt that almost all the opposition political parties in the country today greeted the respected Prime Minister with the best wishes of his holy birthday.

Seeing this, the heart experiences the utmost peace that whenever any such important and holy day, the ruling party of the country and almost all the political parties of the opposition see each other simultaneously giving importance to the spirit of socialism. is.

By which the poor and weaker sections of the country can get freedom till the end of the political awkwardness due to the untimely fall in the environment. And they can believe that their differences are only different from ideology, and there is a difference in the sense of personal junk that the flame of the plum can be swab from their home family.

Similarly, if from time to time, all political parties (political and opposition political parties), while bypassing mutual differences, could provide a positive message of mutual love and brotherhood to the people of the country, then a small rule of peace and peace in this country and the world. Will be installed.

Here, I would like to know from all the political parties in the country that a small person, a small artist, Vikrant Rajliwal, when the day will come when the fear of political destruction from the heart of the weak and poor class of the country has ended completely, Only in the country can the experience of a human spirit of peace be able to live…When will the day come?

Jai Hind.

Written by Vikrant Rajliwal
17/09/2018 at 18:37pm

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