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Oct 15, 2018
Kavi, Shayar & Natakakar Vikrant Rajliwal (स्वतँत्र लेखन)

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💥 One spirituality-One spiritual work.

Selfishness, yes, selfishness! one word is selfishness, but every misery, every problem is the root cause of selfishness. Today every person is living his precious life with some selfishness or say that is being wasted.

Someone has the selfishness of eating good food and making someone addictive (alcoholic). So anyone has the selfishness of material things. Today, relationships are still standing on mutual self-interest.

Why has the man of today been so selfish? The power that God, Allah, or anyone who believes in the power of your life, has not sent you selfishly and sent this land to this enchanting earth!

Then, in most of us, in our thinking and behavior within humans, why and how did this blame the selfishness? Have you ever tried one thing in your entire lifetime? Or have you ever got the answer to this question?

An important reason for this toxin is to hide the feces of poison. What is that reason, do you know this?
Yes you know! But do not believe, what is the reason that you become selfish?

My friends, my loved ones, behind every man’s selfishness or simply say the cause of our own selfishness is our other selfishness, which is linked to our weaknesses which is the cause of all sorrows and sorrows in this world. .

Yes, my gesture here is only on our illusive thoughts.
We are selfish because we are passionate for our happiness, to find happiness in their happiness. Even if we do not have to become selfish for this.

This is our frightened thinking. Do you ever have any effort to know the thoughts of their own people, their true happiness? For whose happiness we became selfish. And did not know how many innocents were consumed in this horrible fire of selfishness.

Yes, you do not even want to be selfish because you do not want to see yourself as a selfish man.

Regardless of the selfishness, there is always the blood of one’s own, the degradation of degradation of its faith comes only on the sordidness. And selfless work, you will take one step further towards your path to a supernatural peace. And it will become a cause of selflessness, a true spirituality, a spirituality, a work to be created in a loving thread to the whole world.

Whereas any selfishness will not allow any poor to reach any compulsion to the extent possible. And the power to frighten you too will not survive with him.

That’s why …

💥 A selfishness, you are innocent now, see mirror of truth.

Get lost, erase, become consumed, do it, you are good now.

True, which you can not see,

Disadvantage of any of the poor;

Then you will know, in your laughter, in your laughter, whoever you are.

Mirror of shadow of the soul, the cheeks of the eyes, the shame itself, shamelessly your ..

Trouble will be yours, life is real, this misbehavior itself is by itself, which is yours.

A selfishness you now become innocent, do the deeds of truth, hide it still in the soul, which is yours…FB_IMG_1521732422518

Written by  Vikrant Rajliwal

(Translation one of my Hindi spiritual articles  एक अध्यात्म-एक रूहानी कार्य। by Vikrant Rajliwal)

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