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October 16, 2018
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💥 Character.

 FB_IMG_1539591820037 Character character, very strange knowledge. Sometimes knowingly and unknowingly, he always bewildered. Yes, here is the subject of knowledge.

Sometimes a person can not even realize that when he speaks only in words, or because of ignorant lust, his precious charismal qualities, when his fall from the ignorance or unconsciousness of his own self And that’s going to increase.

However, if ever, that person has been blessed with God’s grace, due to the connotation of the enlightenment, or if the person has knowledge of the sleeping enlightenment, then it can be realized that on the path that he has forgotten, or Due to ignorance, it is going away, this is the path which once had a common knowledge. In fact, walking on this path has resulted in its character decline or may have happened.

It seems to me that in today’s highly occupied society, today’s human beings have not had enough time to improve themselves. And when the man in this highly organized society unknowingly let his character fall down and he can not even get the same sense of that thing, then it should not be surprising even slightly.


When the dark darkness rises, then it will be seen that his character will be innocent, when it will be his, and the innocent character will become somewhat depressed.

 It seems to me, that person’s lost character will be received again.

If the mirror of a civilized society is to shine, it is not for itself, it is also a civil society for us.

So stop and fall, you – your character, that is very horrible, which is not in itself, not only yourself but also yourself.

Then, doing yourself a tax, you own the character
Now you, yourself, have to burn yourself …

These values ​​will not be erased either by burning or by dying.
The more you drink, the more kundan will become.

Everything else is going on, making yourself a character, making life happy.

For example, there are no good people like this, for generations, the upcoming victims, the character and themselves, have to go on this path.

 Truth-non-violence and virtuous qualities, then centuries old.

 It is not easy to walk on the path of righteousness, it is all around corruption! today it is a time of dishonesty.

Even then, whatever has been done, its character is created, not only himself but also has changed, it is here that every selfless person

 Good and virtuous, whatever the person is, there is a separate identity in every society.

Whether it is a lacquer, its resistance, does not decrease bright brightness and its noble identity …

 Written by Vikrant Rajliwal

(Translation one of my hindi articles including hindi poetry चरित्र by Vikrant Rajliwal)

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