Author, Writer, Poet & Dramatist Vikrant Rajliwal

Poetry, Shayari, Gazal, Satire, drama & Articles Written by Vikrant Rajliwal

October 17, 2018
Author, Writer, Poet And Dramatist Vikrant Rajliwal

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💦 Poor cries out of the poor system

 Today, whenever I lift my eyes and look at the changing social environment around us, then an unbearable pain is a sad surprise, with eyes shaken and throbbing.

Why should you be thinking? So I would like to say that why not? Whenever a person is scorching in the fire of corruption and his destiny looks bitter.

And by ignoring the unbearable pain of him, one gets his bread from the fire burning with the pain of his compulsion, then in the sentence, this painlessness in the sentence is a bit of a little bit of a knowledge of the eyes and the beating from the pain of surprise. And a broken heart emerges from an ah, even if he is a self-sacrificing government servant or a devious leader of his own country?

👓 eaten my country, the country’s poorest of the slaughtering officer, the nepotist leader.

The mockery of the poor, his compulsion,

False of the word, the dream which was shown,

 The irony officer who appeared in the mirror of the truth, that leader was a liar.

 🇮🇳 August 15, Independence Day, 26th January We all hold on the promise of sincerity on the sacred day of democracy, but from today onwards, every day, every moment, this idea is the resolution that today and now, Running convoy, development, every forced to meet the poor, step by step firmly.

Written by  Vikrant Raj20181017_091946liwal

(Translation of one of my hindi article including poetry by Vikrant Rajliwal)

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