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October 18, 2018
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A real education.

Every person in this world wants to be educated in his human life because education is the medium through which we can generate a positive change in our life and every section of our society and the social activities of every level. The type of education can be bookable, practical or physical. But the most important subject is that in every type of education, the student is required to be mentally attentive to every moment. There is a great deal of consciousness here that your consciousness level is very important at the level of the book, the behavioral and the social level. Because a fully conscious student has the ability to produce the same qualification in other persons and students while keeping the ability to build a strong and decent society.

Why so? Because the importance of education should not be limited to employment only. It is important for every moment of our life, after attaining education or attaining education, that it is necessary to realize the importance and importance of this subject that in this human life, there is more importance in the subject than education received for achieving education or employment. The first priority of our lives should be to become a good and honest person, not every human being or person Avoid defeat while only receiving only job!

Friends, because the level of real education is not restricted to employment only, but the actual level of real education and purpose is against every type of dog, mischief and exploitation, every section of the students and the society is specially aware of their end. . Along with this, giving a positive view of the changing society, the ancient or shabby arrangements by which our civilized society has not yet fully developed and through which all the types of customs and cultures that existed in our civilized society In the place of exploitation has not completely come to an end or by which this ability has not been attained, Hn is a tenacious Wyvsta installation.

I hope that in our civilized society, it should be implemented quickly by present and future governments of our country by creating a firm system of humanity and development. Through which our civilized society is fully endowed with all kinds of virtues, misgivings and exploitation, and from every direction, only and only with full joy, enthusiasm and excitement, the full tone of every kind that crushing the virtues, wealth and exploitation together Bouncing with tone

Jai Hind.

Written by Vikrant Rajliwal

(Translation of my Hindi articles  शिक्षा written by me by Vikrant Rajliwal)20180905_121737

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