🙏 Good morning for all my dear readers, for all of my favorite fans of social media, joining me with a simple writer and poet-poet like myself, for all of my fans who like making my trivial compositions precious

And good morning, joining my blog site vikrantrajliwal.com, for all the dear literary lovers and my dear readers who give me a power and contribution to serve the literature for the future, breaking a simple pen.

Along with this, today I express my gratitude to all of your great achievements from your blog, a simple writer, a writer and a poet-poet Vikrant Rajliwal from his blog sites vikrantrajliwal.com who at every turn of life, Every moment of life every moment tried me to show me the mirror of my real personality from my own perspective and my soul was able to see my real person. Security provided a valuable contribution.

Thank you.

Written by independent creators, writers, poets and thinkers Vikrant Rajliwal

(Translation by Vikrant Rajliwal)


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