The beginning of the border of this world begins on the other side of the new world and the boundary line of that new world also rests on the side of the new world!

This cycle is achieved in this way and the eternal period is attained. And this divine journey begins at the beginning and again this cycle of another divine journey is achieved in such a way as per eternity.

At the end of this cycle all things together in my conscience are easily adjusted together. Truth is that God is the one whose divine positive influence of divine energy has resulted in the transmigration of all the world and this beautiful nature including humans and we have a communication of life energy in all living beings.

Today the only difference is that most of us, the great men of today, have forgotten that divine communication of that divine energy from their lives due to ignorance and obscene modernization.

Here, I want to know from Vikram Rajlival, all the great greats that you have realized your divine divine energy, right!!! Do you realize that…?

Written by Vikrant Rajliwal

(This translation is a short spiritual article written by me by myself.)

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