Hello dear readers and friends,

Friends, as I said to the beloved readers of all the dear loved ones and Hindi-language literature, I soon started publishing online on my blog site (wordpress, blogspot, tumblr) as a freelance writer, Vikrant Rajliwal, a freelance writer. Hundreds of compositions, najm, ghazals, poetry, poems, articles, songs, satire, tales, etc. Even after reviewing a single leaf, The blog site vikrantrajliwal.com which was then in the name of vikrantrajliwal.wordpress.com will be republished, so that all the poetess Nazm and Hindi-language literature will be given to me for the real joy of all our online published works written by me. Could

I hereby inform you that I have been active for the night and day to complete my work and this work of your work, and in the last three to four months I have only and only you all the beloved poetry, Nazm and Sahya The lover has shown the work that is visible from this impossible to the reader by the unlimited love and blessings of all the dear ones. Friends so far have I republished about 65% of my online compositions and in this period I also publish many new creations. All of you are very appreciated. Soon after taking the time out of your busy routine, I will definitely make the rest of the compositions in their real nature (without any penalties in error) and only for you to be republished. With that you can get a real joy of all my works from all Hindi-speaking literature.

Friends, my upcoming writings written by me to you will be delivered to all the loved ones soon as a book, this is how it is.

1) Extremely detailed in the form of najm shayri, extremely detailed incomplete greatness that painful gloves. Which might lead you into Ghalib era, so let your heart beat you so much that forgetting your beating heart beats the beating.

2) A very painful, highly detailed drama in which you can see every color of life (love, cheating, friendship, hostility and many kinds of family ups and downs).

3) is a novel.

Thank you.

Vikrant Rajliwal

(Translation by Vikrant Rajliwal)FB_IMG_1502557710340

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