Author, Writer, Poet & Dramatist Vikrant Rajliwal

Poetry, Shayari, Gazal, Satire, drama & Articles Written by Vikrant Rajliwal

November 14, 2018
Author, Writer, Poet And Dramatist Vikrant Rajliwal

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💦 Illiteracy a curse.

It is extremely fortunate that the child gets innocent opportunity in the life of those who can achieve a higher degree of education.

It is very fortunate that the child gets the childless opportunity opportunity in life, to be associated with education again.

But there is some disadvantage in this world, children who find such opportunities find themselves in the life of education, do not disappear in any darkness.

No opportunity to get their life in their life, they are guilty of getting their education, this is a very complicated system of theirs, all the complex situations of those innocent people, who are helpless.

Written by Vikrant Rajliwal

(This translation has been done by me, a Hindi poem inspired by the spirit of socialism and humanity.)

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