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November 15, 2018
Kavi, Shayar & Natakakar Vikrant Rajliwal Creation's

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💥 Life.

CollageMaker_20181026_085522327Life was so much that there was no hope. For everybody who has been distressing for every moment, with his bait, his heart was burning with fire.

Even today after feeling the meeting, I am still standing there. The only difference is that in the beginning of the journey of life, my rocks were in the forearm. And still standing on the crossroads.

The initial realization was very intimidating and both of the rounds seemed to be meeting with life. With the desire to live with selfish ambition, willingness to live self-respect, he chose the path of life on which every moment burnt, breaking away from the cracking pits, believing in some kind of restless breath. Burning by every step, the bus went on and walked …

Today, after nearly a decade (1.5 decade, From year 2000 to year 2018) a decade after passing through the path of his chosen spiritual and education, many are experiencing a new life at every moment while passing through the dock. Do not know why now you have to give a fresh reply that it is just enough to fight with life, it has become a struggle of yourself, now the time has come to stop accepting your defeat, now the time has come Dear, by life, by saying goodbye to your pen itself, along with the path of your chosen Divine Truth, burning with burning fire with its divine fire!

I will not be able to live away from the public interest, I will die only if I live in the pen. But …?

Life and time are not always the same, there is a happiness behind your misery towards you. And to reach happiness, something has to be sacrificed. Sometimes when this solicitation demands hard work and sometimes struggles, sometimes by refusing every door, you take the path of self with confidence, and your whole life struggle easily ends with your life and life is a new struggle With your presence becomes present.

Written by Vikrant Rajliwal
20/09/2018 at 07:30 am (translation by Vikrant Rajliwal)


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