It is one thing to exploit and exploit the victims from the big platforms of this civilized society and to give relief to the victims of their exploitation and to give a variety of blessings to their well-being and to get acquainted with the truth of those facts at the grassroots level It is a different way to get rid of the weaker sections of society (victim and exploited) by the exploitation of the society.

Do not know how many such innocent people are never heard from anyone. But his courage and every loud voice were crushed while trying to make him a blame or mental patient.

Today, I raise a voice from this great platform of social media for all the masses and unemployed, and pray for a peace of mind from their devoted god Paramatma for the peace of their soul.

God Himself will do justice to Him and give him a peace of mind and all his kins.

All my readers and my readers, who read the pain of this article, should give me such goodness, so that our soul can experience a sense of peace.

Thank you.

A pain written by Vikrant Rajliwal, inspired and related to his personal life experience.
(Translation by Vikrant Rajliwal)

16/11/2018 at 20:27 pm


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