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November 17, 2018
Author, Writer, Poet And Dramatist Vikrant Rajliwal

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💥 Feeling…🕊

Often in this world worldly people and relationships change like the changing season. Sometimes it may seem very brutal and extremely gentle towards you. There is no blame in this. Is it all the effect of changing weather? Weather, it is not rainy or natural weather that changes according to its particular season. Rather it can be a seasonal change, whose point is always the same, and this change happens according to your social and economic status.

Here selfishness and ambiguity are very important parts of this seasonal transformation feeling. A person suffering from a hungry hunger to prove his self is a very important member of this group, who can fall down to the extent of humanity in order to fulfill his selfishness by any combination, and if he gets opportunity For the sake of this mutual self-interest, it does not hesitate to strike one another.

Those who try to prove this kind of selfish, unhappy and self-righteous, Itselfs selfish character, as a changing season in Itself having a capacity to produce a cruel selfish transformation in family and social relationships, and their own cruel selfish It is known to all the maladies that exploit innocent innocent people with their cruel selfish behavior and thought of the result of change. It may be said that soon after becoming a part of the Terrible curse of God for all their misdeeds, God Himself can not protect those wicked people.

And soon all the males in this world, who have not known the innocent innocent, have been sleeping for anonymity and slander in a blind grave, including their full-fledged Cries of pain, a true feeling that this time the weather will again By changing Itself from them, when ever, has been swiftly transformed, and all the villagers like them, along with their soul, went to Fire of true. Inserting images truth incomes the feelings As a result of positive changes, unlike any penalty from punishment for their misdeeds every positive seasonal changes thinking very fierce and make them have been punished them divine fired fire to realize a truth.

As a result, there will be a true tribute to all the victims of those devils who have now fallen asleep in this deep and eternal state of death, or who have died in the death of an eternal period of eternal death Anonymity has been solved.

O God, I am Vikrant Rajliwal today, with all of my readers and those divine souls who are not born in any age in this world, even if their divine energy prevailed in this universe? I consider them as witnesses to you all those who have been exploited by any kind of exploitation in any form in any age, and whose painful voice is a help While ignoring everyone and hearing the person, giving them a cruel contribution in some way in their exploitation, they have caused a death and the cause of their death in the blindness of anonymity and in the future such justice I pray to you for all those innocent disadvantaged people and for the peace of your soul. Please give us such calmness that we have not to be born again in this cruel world and our soul can get a sense of peace.

Thank you.

His personal feeling written by Vikrant Rajliwal, inspired by his highly convincing feelings.
(Translation by Vikrant Rajliwal)

17/11/2018 at 10:20 am

(Once again I am reprinting after fixing some very shiny typing mistakes at 12:07p


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