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November 18, 2018
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💥 Has a right.

IMG_20181102_081045_576This is the right of every child born in this world.
He also got education initiation and knowledge of sanskars and a right of his development ..

The above verse written by Vikrant Rajliwal (by myself) is an authentic experience, a feeling of change, a realization of Vikrant Rajliwal (Swamy), which is certified and motivated by his private life struggle, how a disorganized child (Mr. Vikrant Rajliwal ) In his raw age (2004, 18 years), by struggling with drug addiction, he was defeated by the blessings of his master, Faced with the perseverance of the complex and complex situations, not only the drugs became addicted to drugs but by transforming their illiterate life with their satyakarma, they passed 12th class from the year 2009 and graduated from Delhi University in the year 2013.

Taking inspiration from your education, taking inspiration from your education and civilized literature, in the year 2016, in January 2016, his first poetic book * Realization *, whose center point was a humiliating feeling from the civil society of all of us, to humanity, the harsh feeling of socialism and humanity. The effort is simply written and published. And now using online technology, you are constantly trying for more positive social change while sharing your hearted feelings with all your loved ones.

It seems as simple as all this is actually never really that simple. In this life, the common people also face the most complex type of confrontation while struggling for an opportunity, and a drug addiction, whether it is due to their ignorance at the age of 15 to 16 years, using drugs to get rid of drug addiction. Or who has not only consumed this addiction during that raw age with the knowledge of a particular age, but once it is rehabilitated Endra (addiction that is reached in the center), his life changes. In short, you can say this in the way that the opportunity (education and sports jumping) available only ever saved, it seems like a war, like a bitter truth, a feeling of being in front of him, Do it.

At any given time in this life, no one can get any opportunity for the development of a discharged child or person from a rehabilitation center for its development. And every opportunity is an unknowable tale of pain in itself, behind which there are hidden behind it, and only if it is helpless and suffering from the exploitation of a cruel person, her tears filled with sing of tears, a Nissan.

I hope all the dear readers can reach the real reason of writing this article.

Thank you.

Written by Vikrant Rajliwal

(Translation by Vikrant Rajliwal)

18/11/2018 at 15:35 pm

*After the error correction in republished typing. The last time was marked as 10th in place of 12th.*

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