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November 19, 2018
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💥 Society, Education and Psychological support.

IMG_20181024_135604_422When a child is born in this world, he is welcomed with his utmost enthusiasm in his family. After that, all the members of his family, according to their own mental level, have the wisdom and behavior of the ignorant child in their knowledge and education. Impressing with the effect, an effort is made to educate him.

After a period of time, that obscure child is introduced to his outside family from outside the world and apart from his family members, he also comes in the contact area of ​​many other people. Some of which may be of social reversal and some of them may also be of non-social reverses. According to their own mental level, they make an effort to educate the child’s intellect and behavior by the influence of his own knowledge and education, and educate him according to his mental level.

Thus, now the observer child faces a variety of monthly situations and creates a mental state of self, and following it, following many life experiences, facing various types of ups and downs, Makes an effort to ensure a place of Sometimes this effort can be positive and sometimes that effort can be negative too.

In short, here I would like to say to all the great achievements that the efforts of the children who are endeavoring to be positive are hidden behind those positive endeavors. Those attempts of all the positive mental-level persons who make it effective with their positive thoughts. The obscure child, who had been given a proper social knowledge and practices, made an introduction to him very closely.

And on the contrary, if the child’s efforts are negative or non-social, then they are hidden behind their negative efforts, one of the efforts of all the non-Ascendant people, to which the obscure child had become an acquaintance, and that resulted in them Individuals of all negative or non-social psychic levels influenced that obscure child with their negative and misbehavior Wrath child made her an introduction very close to them all the anti-social behavior and make ideas.

The essence of the above topic is that it is not so complicated to understand an obscene child and its mental level. It is necessary for you to have a patience to understand the mental level of yourself, and with that patience your ability to refine every positive behavior, and every negative and non-social behavior of that obscure child and thoughts and thoughts in your love and respect Having a potential to make a positive change from faith is very important.

And this ability arises out of every good feeling and behavior made by mutual love and guidance. On the contrary, 85% of our civil society parents attempt to resolve their every changing behavior with their little knowledge, without any effort to understand the real cause of the changing social progress of their ignorance child. In which most parents have to face failure. As a result, the mental state of that obscure child still takes on a much more complex form. As a result many parents have not forgotten that obscene person for all their problems and punished him in many ways. As a result, many tensed children are forced to commit suicide.

Therefore it is extremely important to understand the mental condition of a disobedient child very closely. And with a right knowledge and guidance, you make an introduction with a proper guidance by bringing a positive change in all the ways and thoughts of all the children of your civilized society and ideas. As a result, their all kinds of negative and anti-social behaviors can be converted into a positive and social behavior. Because every one of your behavior and thoughts have been done patiently by every proper knowledge and love you have adopted, a positive change in all kinds of negative and anti-social behavior and thoughts of all the people of the society and all of us. Having a capacity to do

Written by Vikrant Rajliwal
19/11/2018 at 22:27pm
(This is the translation of a Hindi text of mine if I have made a mistake in mistake, then I apologize to all the loved ones.)

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