On the path of reform we face every moment of our weak or distraught feeling or devious mindset, weighing a lot of weird thoughts and reaching one step closer to victory or we can change our path to reciprocate our inconsistent and non-social addiction. .

From here we are known to have two passages and both start with the same, but the direction of both is never the same.

On this path of improvement, it is sure to face the path of every improvement from this crossroads. And this crossroads start with a charm.

First of all, we are attracted to the non-social adjective that we were consumed while consuming, and because of that attraction, some of the people on whom God takes a tremendous blessing of your high power, adopts it. And to reach the path and to face the destructive attraction of truth with true power and true thought, one step of victory is reached.

And secondly, those who are not blessed with God’s grace or who are ungrateful, by submitting to their devious mentality, bowing before their weak self-esteem, they make a compromise and because of their weak mentality and creepy thinking, Ignorance takes control.

Here we go about two paths and two types of traveler whose origin place comes out of the same direction and that direction is attraction and dedication. But you should know that there are two types of consequences of both these ways, as if ..

The first is the one on whom the grace of God leads to the grace of their good deeds, the one who faces the power of his Satyakarma, by his every kind of addiction, is a buzzing attraction;

1) The first is the path of victory which is easily gained from proper practical knowledge and proper congruence and ensures their victory by moving them one step further towards the path of improvement.

2) And secondly, due to the lack of due diligence, due to the lack of proper persistence in each and every circumstance, believing on the power of his Satyakarma and the power of his God, accepting his weak mindset, a proper conjunction and a genuine winner, through his guidance, Keeping one of the steps of victory going forward, avoiding the overwhelming attraction.

👉 In contrast to this, it is the second type of person who does not want to go on the path of improvement, even if he does not want to attract all kinds of Asocial addiction, due to lack of proper persistence, he does not want his wrong move. Again, they come in the way of their inconsistent and non-social addiction, as a result, they do not appreciate the power of their God and they are again trapped in a trap where they meet them. And only pain, relationships broken by broken feelings, pain of an unknown fear, pain which they get due to one of their wrong steps, which they could survive only and only the proper practical knowledge and the unifying knowledge obtained from a consistent connotation And from the experiment, he could have escaped from a proper step resulting from a proper guidance obtained from a proper concordance.

👉 From here, they also have two groups

1) The first, who, after getting them rectified properly from Satyakarma, leads them towards Satyakarma, and trains them towards the path of reform. One while eliminating their pain, giving them a step and win, gives us a sense of peace .

2) And second is that step which, by the absence of a proper congruence, increases itself to one of our inconsistent and non-social addictions, one step further, introduces our pain to an eternal and unexpected period. Where there is sadness, Poverty, disease, and psychological difficulties, not only their own but also ruins the life of their loved ones, making them even worse than hell.

That is why the attainment of proper perception and proper knowledge and higher experience on the path of improvement are very important, because the path of victory (path of peace) is further strengthened by proper fidelity, and it gets proper fidelity, we get decent and honorable before the knowledgeable people. From the meeting with them, acquiring knowledge from their experiences in a proper and lithe atmosphere, acquiring an eternal experience of peace While doing good and proper guidance at the right time, giving us protection from the ridiculous but dangerous toxic charm of our every kind of incompatible and anti-social addiction, one step of victory and near Delivering.

Thank you.

Writer, writer, and ideas written by Vikrant Rajaliwal, (Recovery Addict at Life)

(Republish by Vikrant Rajliwal after some amendments.)


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