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January 31, 2019
Kavi, Shayar & Natakakar Vikrant Rajliwal Creation's

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🎻 An expression of gratitude✒

There was also a time when a novice creator and writer was able to make his writing, his words, or his compositions reaching to his beloved readers, circling on several rounds of newspaper houses, or publishing houses, he had many difficulties had to face.

Even then, the hope was low, that the creator or writer who wrote it could reach the readers of that composition at the right time.

And this facility was limited to only and only famous or money-makers and writers. Who had the power to publish their compositions or words on the strength of their name or money.

In that period, any creator related to ordinary family like me would have searched his pockets for at least a hundred times before publishing one of his compositions, then if he had some strength in his pocket then he would find a nominal person, To publish the composition in a newspaper or magazine. By which the reader of that composition could enjoy the pleasure of that creation.

But today’s time or era is the age of the Internet, when any novelist or writer has to publish any of his compositions or words, to make that composition his ritual reader, a renowned person, a newspaper house or a publication There is no need to do my daily prayers in front of the house.

Whether it is related to a simple family like me. Today, he has made all his designs accessible to each of his words to his readers, made him easily accessible by the internet or social networking site. Which has proved to be like a boon for him and in the life of innovative creators like me.

That’s why today I would like to express my gratitude to all the makers and dear readers of Internet and all social networking sites from this great platform of social media of Vikrant Rajliwal. Today, every creator and author who has a great creator, whether he is a reputed creator or innovative creator like me, has provided a great platform for sharing his compositions and words with the whole world. And those future generations have paved a way for success for the future future of innovative creators, writers, and artists.

Thank you.

Written by Vikrant Rajliwal

31/01/2019 at 13:55 pm

(Translated by Vikrant Rajliwal)

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