God has given us this human life as a boon. And we can give a positive attitude to our human life through our positive deeds.

It is very fortunate in this creation that the person whose inspiration is inspired by life’s struggle becomes a source of hope for many innocent people to live in life through the disappointed and lifeless.

Today, I express my gratitude to Vikrant Rajliwal as a witness to his life struggle, thank him for his unbearable kindness from his heart. And pray to them that if I, through my positive and selfless deeds in my whole life, produce any kind of light of life, in life, in a life disappointed by the life of any innocent child, old or young man; If this energy could communicate, then this small man’s life would be able to achieve a scarcity of its own;

Written by Vikrant Rajliwal
04/02/2019 at 10:15 am
(Translated by Vikrant Rajliwal)


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