☄ Vikrant Rajliwal is a writer, poet-poet-novelist-songwriter, dramatist-storyteller and independent thinker.

🎤 Today I am your own Vikrant Rajliwal with all the literature and poetry-najm-shayari, song-ghazals, satire, stories, drama-story-dialogues, and those true expressions of your heart in the form of your conscience. I want to express thank you

Thanks to an simple child like me, I like the simple composition of the creator from a simple one. Thanks to spreading them far away from their love.

Thanks to all those great achievements, teachers and admirers who have been dominated by their love for the last 1.5 to 2 years, your beloved Vikrant Rajliwal’s has given many poems, songs and hundreds of Najm-Shayari-Ghazals from the glory of your infinite love and blessings. To get the power to write short and detailed writing inspired by satire-tales, and not many social, spiritual and psychological grounds.

Thank you very much from your heart for all this.

Vikrant Rajliwal
23/02/2019 at 07:47am (Translated)

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