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February 27, 2019
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👤 A Rahi’s life… Vikrant Rajliwal (A feeling that is inspired by true experience.)

Realize something inspired from true experience
(Written by Vikrant Rajliwal & Translated by Vikrant Rajliwal)

Any innocent, innocent person, as a rahi, when someone tries to reach his destination alone with his courage and passion on the difficult path of an unknown path. And he goes to the very closest of the floor, too?

From the beginning of the journey till the end till the end of the journey, why is it that an irresponsible fear always stares every moment every moment?

Is it an unintentional way of thinking that he is unaware of the unknown path, he is not afraid that he should not go missing on that difficult road, or he is disturbed by the thought that the person walking on the unknown path or his person Do not miss the person?

Today, some of them are seen with him but on the path which he has chosen to oppose the truth, despite all his opposition, walking on that path, every moment is burning, whatever he has failed, is he himself, he is bound by chain Or will you deny the path of that truth and declare that path of truth a symbol of a distorted mindset?

From the childhood itself, the unborn passenger who was inspired by truth was given the power to walk on that path that he had given to him?

Then why do all those people today stand away from each other on a complex turning point on the path of their reality?

👉 It is also true that in every age, always on every path of truth which seems very complex as in the beginning of an unknown path, whatever the path of the divine path of truth, the face of such extreme thorns It has been realized only. Whether it is Arjuna in the Kurukshetra ground or the pain of exile, Lord Shree Ram

👉 Truth is that of this unkind world …

No matter how many unknown paths have to pass on the difficult road of truth.

Some people have to run away from the path of truth.

The person who lives on the road will be able to see the truth on his own.

Vets vakt, dastur a zamana woh rahi
Connecting breaks, which goes on the path continuously on the truth ..

It happens, his life gets aggravated, the Lord also goes unharmed,

He still lives, he is always upbeat, he has to go and walk.

👉 He himself, he sees some altars away from him, never let him out.

Every realization is proved by insanity.

It’s going to break away from every expectation, even today, he is staying, on the path of truth, burning every moment himself by himself.

In every dark one, finding one brightly from himself, every moment himself dies by itself.

Truth is to know that it is unbearable, this time has to be burnt, it has to be burnt, itself is burnt, and Kundan is able to become the Self.

Written by Vikrant Rajliwal

27/02/2019 at 19:42 pm

( Some typing reforms are reprinted by Vikrant Rajliwal)FB_IMG_1549024876696

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