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March 2, 2019
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🇮🇳 India and Article 370

Kashmir! During the past few years, the number of terrorist attacks on the Kashmir and the security of the country, and the consequences of which is not known, the loss of lives and public life of many Indian births. After that a loud voice, a sound voice from all sides of the country rose in every direction that the Article 370 should be completely abolished for the protection of the country and for the prevention of terrorist attacks on India through Kashmir, or in relation to the security of the country. Some very important modification becomes very necessary.

But even today when this very important demand is heard by the political parties due to personal self-interest, and even after knowing and feeling unheardened, once again in the future, this very important issue under Article 370 will send separatists and terrorists back to Kashmir A solid foundation is easily provided for strengthening the grip. There is a possibility of once again loss of life and generosity of the country and the people living with the security of the country?

Even if political parties ignore the political selfishness of this country and ignore the highly sensitive issues related to the security of the country, then it should not happen that when the eyes of private political interests landed on their eyes, Article 370 for the safety of life and public and the security of the most important India as per Article 370 Provide a very important amendment and a voice resonates with one voice from all the sides that…come late and you come, come when you came, you are coming now, how long have you been and your Then come came now, then come now to come…you came here now to come that now you have made me take a long time, you came here till you came!

Jai Hind.

Written by Vikrant Rajliwal

2/3/2016 at 10:35 am
(After reprinted repository error at 12:49 pm.)

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