In today’s selfish world, the day is even more intense, in our system and becoming harsh, most of the people or people are forced to kneel in front of courtesy and complicated adverse circumstances.

But even if a person or person who is still struggling with the complex situations of his life, can not yet achieve his / her life goal (goal achieving success) or that has not yet attained the success of his goal, but again Even so, he has kept his personality alive while not sacrificing his life’s goal of attaining the goal. In my eyes, the great person is the master of a very strong personality.

Why, in this system that is notorious and devoid of the system, most people accepting their failure after achieving success or achieving success in life without getting the success of life or struggling with complex circumstances The throat of your personality gives it a screw in your own hands. The life that was struggling in complex situations, but remained firmly with it.

But the person who succeeds his life goal, rather than forgetting that bright image or that strong personality, instead of strengthening his divine strong image or personality. Such people one day fall into the category of individuals of some great personality whose everybody wants to know the story of their life. And such a person of divine radiance gives a new history.

The person of such a bright person always becomes an example for the weak and the helpless. And do the work of a lifelong inspiration in everyone’s life.

It is also true that if a person does not have the ability to stand up again after falling into a downfall and he can not struggle with the complex circumstances of his life, such a person will continue to lick dust.

But the person who continues to rebel after continuing to stumble over the stumbling blocks of complex adversity, or those lives constantly make a try to remain in complex conflict situations. He finds it selfs in such a very strong and courageous position that he is easily able to give his strong support to a weak and helpless man.

Because of such bright, bright and strong persons, always weak and helpless people in this cold country do not feel alone and orphans in a world full of self. Like Mahatma Gandhi ji, Swami Vivekanand ji, most of the greatness that has been revealed on this planet. It is such a bright examples that is still communicating a divine inspiration and energy in the lives of all of us.

Here if I have some conversation about myself, then I would like to say that … if we can not run, then we can crawl. If we can not even get a crawl, an effort to minimize it can do a try. Because friends reach results only. The person who never tries to make any positive effort, unlike complex life conditions. These people, after destroying or destroying the precious time of their own and other people, eventually go to this cold-hearted world.

That’s why my friends always make their personality bright like the sun rising and not like the hiding sun. Simultaneously, refine your personality in such a way that the divine aura of your individuality can be divided not only in the courtyard of your own house but by a divine light spreading throughout the world. Because in this world, it is always worshiped by the sun rising and not hiding sun!

For all of us live the life. But the reality or truth of life is in showing the path of life to the people who have forgotten their lives and have forgotten their lives for the benefit of other people, unlike their own selfish interests. Everyone wants to light the courtyard of his house, but on the contrary the people of this cold-hearted world will know this reality that this whole world, this whole universe is all our own. And we must try hard to make this whole world bright, not only and only to make our home courtyard light up. On that day, the world will be scattered in the real sense by being bright like a rising sun.

That is why it is the duty of every human being that first of all to show courage for Swam. And try to stay firm in every life, even in complex situations. Because if you can not show courage for yourself, or life can not fight with complex circumstances, then any other helpless people will be able to bring their courage through a positive change in their life.

If you can show your courage to stand in the difficult situations of struggle for life under complicated circumstances, then it is true that one day in your person, that one true power will be born as a result of which the eternal helpless, unemployed and weak persons In the dark and energy-free life of a hope of living your life, the communication of a supernatural divine energy will be instantly developed. Because the person making energy by providing energy and energy to the energyless people of orphans and the orphans can achieve a real and eternal peace of mind.


Written by Vikrant Rajliwal.
2/03/2016 at 10:30 pm
(Revised or modified after republishing some very short sentences)

^If there is an error in my Hindi translation, then I am sorry for all the loved ones^Logopit_1551544570364


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