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March 6, 2019
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🕳️ Truth, Struggle and Change

The mood of the country (India ) has become completely electoral nowadays? Politics in the name of religion, sometimes in the name of the military, nowadays, one of the most important election issues has emerged!
It should also be done, but keep in mind that the 2019 elections should not only be centered on these electoral issues and the educated unemployed, which is the most important issue of every civil society, the reasons for mutual interests of political parties None of the darkness can become extinct?

Anything to say that we did it we did it, but till the future of the educated youth of the country will remain in the dark, no matter how much development we can make, but one day everything will be defeated because when the country The educated youth of themselves will not be able to feel secure in this country and they will forget about understanding only a graph of increasing the graph of unemployment, what will the future generations massage will today means education in India has remained only, only the unemployment same?

Whether it is a system of good reason, or the name of the prestigious institutions of the country (India ), in the competition examining the corruption involved in the competition, it brings forth the fear of a future about the future of the educated youth of the country. The Government of India should understand that every student is not only a mere engineers or business student. It is also a general educated graduate. What is the future of engineering or business students in this country, and how much is the actual ratio of their development?

In the end, I would like to say only your own friend, Vikrant Rajliwal, from the governments and opposition political parties of the country, that the people of this country (India ) are again hope for a significant positive political change once again since the elections of 2019. In which only and only developments of certain business, or select students and non-profit organizations are not guaranteed. But every common man and general graduate of the country can get an opportunity to be proud of their life and their education through an appropriate employment.

I ask you, when will that election? After the result of which the future of the country does not feel educated young peoples is cheated by the intrinsic institutions Will you be able to feel educated with a pride?

You must be thinking that I am writing this and seeing only debates on news channels and all this, here I would like to tell you so much that neither I am writing to any person to make any allegation and neither I am writing a debate on any news channels. But friends, I am a lonely Indian and a student of this unbearable pain. As well as knowing from among all my dear ones, most of you, dear readers and loved ones, will be well aware of how I made a positive initiative against drugs and drugs in 2003 and many innocent people Through self-service organizations, I have been giving small support to the drug addicts in my liberation. Continuing the work of this service, after getting married, after starting the education from the year 2008, going against the views of all the people and completing graduation from Delhi University in 12th and 2013 in 2009. Regardless of the scope of opportunity, preparing for the Competition Examination and completing the first two-level written examination of a graduate level 4-level examination in 2014, it also got place in the first two thousand students out of more than 3 lakh students. But what then?

In the next level examination, another 1750 students were disapproved. The reason for which it was mentioned in some post-based newspapers and in every news channel of the country, only and only malpractices. How can the prestigious institutions of the country, because of their own personal interest, waste the future of such students like me in one stroke, who have to fight the complex situations of life every day, at no stage in their lives? And one has reached a halt successfully by reaching it, if I talk about it, then all this has never been so common to friends, neither was there nor is it now that most people may appear . Whether it is a short life of war at the age of 17, in 2003, to fight the world of drugs, or to face this world in that short life, or to face this world, to explore an opportunity of education, or to find a chance to achieve that opportunity. Contrary to the continuation of its education, having graduate from 10th or after the hard work, after graduation level written examination, other levels are hurt by corruption During such a complex time, in some way, taking the finger or taking fingers at someone without any hesitation, should make an effort to educate the whole world, mainly in those individuals and readers who, in their own lives At many levels, the war has to be fought with the complex circumstances of their life … or do not know how many or in the Self, Why should there be a combination of the types?

I do not say that by catching or tolerating all this, I have done a very great or unique task or have presented a new principle before this whole world, friends are never like this. If you have read एक खेल जिंदगी of my poetic poetry, then perhaps you can understand this feeling in a certain way. Finally, by sending me from you, I am your own friend, Vikrant Rajliwal, once again you rehearse that poetic poem youtube Improving the video link By feeling you listening to me with my words, you can understand some of my life struggles and life complex situations in some other way.

Thank you.

Written by Vikrant Rajliwal

06/03/2016 at 12:20pm

(This is an English translation of an article inspired by the real experiences of my own Hindi speaking person, if there has been an error in error, so that any reader’s feelings have been hurt even a little bit then I apologize to him.)

👉  One of my painful poetic najma compositions is mentioned below the youtube video link of a sports life.

👉 https://youtu.be/02TpemeSFsA 🕊️FB_IMG_1534055605237

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