Logopit_1557128252449Hello friends, I often get e-mails from my many dear readers and they praise my heart. And my readers explains that my readers feels the pain of my composition.

Also, a question which he often asks me is why I write mostly poetry, najm, ghazal and when he will introduce them to my stories. So today I am informing all my readers and listeners, along with those hearted figures, from the great platform of my social media, that I have published a very informal political drama through my blog site through some of short anecdote.

But here I am informing you that I am working on a drama showing your friend Vikrant Rajliwal, a very detailed painful life showing every color of life. And I have completed almost 90% of the story. But life becomes synchronous due to the high degree of complex circumstances. Even then I mean that your friend, creator Vikrant Rajaliv, gives you the belief that if God wants you then sooner you will surely get the chance to read all of my first highly detailed drama. And I will be able to feel very proficient by giving myself literature and service to you.

Thank you.

Vikrant Rajlewal

A Short Introduction

एहसास (Feeling’s) the published book. Jan., 2016 Published by Sanjog publication Shahada.

  Blog https://vikrantrajliwal.com has written many social, spiritual and psychological articles with hundreds of compositions, poetry, poems, najm, ghazals, songs, satire, episodes from 2016-17 till date.

  Najm Dastan, the first painstaking sufferer, has already published a wait period, under the extremely painful Najm Tales series. Soon the rest of the tales will be published.

  The forthcoming masterpiece presents paints full of every detail of a very detailed life painful drama a story.


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