I would like to share the feelings of my heart at this time before the results of the election today. If I did not even share this entire world at this time, then I would probably not be able to forgive myself so that I had heard Modi’s name for the first time before the general elections of 2014, and the opposition and the ruling parties A negative introduction was made available through the media, at that time I had become frightened once in the name of Modi, but by conquering all the challenges Modi G were ruling.

After that, he impressed every moment through his positive active work, not only on me but on our whole world, but through his positive works. So today I do not have fear in their names, but they are easily found to be a pride.

I can write a lot to write but I do not like it that you are related to a particular strategy party, so in the end, only I would like to say that yes, today I can proudly say that I am Gandhi, Nehru and A citizen of the country of Modi Yes I am an Indian

Vandemataram, Vandematram, Vandematram

Jai Hind.

Written by Vikrant Rajliwal

18/05/2016 at 9:25 pm

This is my Hindi-speaking article translated into English language. If I have made a mistake in error, I apologize.


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