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June 8, 2019
Author, Writer, Poet And Dramatist Vikrant Rajliwal

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One truth. (1)

A 17-year-old young boy recruits at the Rehabilitation Center. And with every passing moments, he begins to remember every single sentence of his life one by one. With whose influence an infallible change in his life has come easily. Some changes may be positive and some of them may be negative. Do you know that the 17-year-old young boy Youth who did not only face the most complex situations of life but in the raw age of his life, but also giving them a positive direction while conquering them, who is he? Yes, you know it is none other than your friend Author Vikrant Rajliwal.

Even today, I remember those moments of my life very near by which I could not forget even if I wanted to. The life I am living today, it would have ever been a dream of a dream. One such dream that I had known when I stepped into the rationalization or it would be more appropriate to say that when I realized that I have now come to an eternal corrective way of life in Rehabilitation. Even today, the day is in memory of my life. On that day even the respect of the days had given me a knock of arrival in my life. And on that day, respect for me and other days was only feeling very high energy. But that day was in reality and completely transforming my life, being proved completely contrary to the days.

While remembering that day, I would like to mention some of my line’s which I had written on Twitter and other social media on yesterday … ये दिल है कि आज भी जो खुद से ही खुद की एक बग़ावत की चाहत रखता है।
और हम है कि जो आज भी हर बग़ावत को इस दिल से मिटा देना चाहते है।।

विक्रांत राजलीवाल द्वारा लिखित।


Even today, this heart keeps a desire for a rebellion of itself.
And we still want to erase every rebellion with this heart.

Written by Vikrant Rajliwal
Soponser by

True friends, many times even today in my heart this idea comes, that just! Now much has not happened anymore. Yes can not tolerate anymore But the knowledge gained from the experiences of my struggle of self and those experiences of my life still do not give me any permission for this rebuke. This is the life that we can not erase the victory achieved by the guidance given by our teachers and the triumphant circumstances of our own life, because of their ignorance, or they have forgotten from their lives while proving the very complex conflict of their lives. Can not do. Well, I was telling you how some day your life can completely change your life without any particular warning. One such day came in my life when my simple life changed completely.

Remember when …

(The rest will be released from its next blog.)

Written by Vikrant Rajiiwal
08/06/2019 at 11:30 pm
(If there has been any error in translation of this Hindi language in English language then I regret it.)FB_IMG_1549024876696

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