ONe Truth (2) (translated)

Often, whenever someone asks me what is the most important achievement of you in your life? So I say to them that even today I am alive and my heart is beating in a healthful manner, and this is what is the biggest achievement of my life so far.

You must be wondering how? So let me tell you that it may be easy for you, but for me this is never so easy. When a disobedient child selects the path of improvement automatically and when it encounters many complex situations on that path, then the truth is that the friends forgetting their beats at one time forgets their beats. Understanding the vast distinction between the behavior and misbehavior of human life on the path of reform, make an effort to convert every kind of abuse from behavior to its good thoughts and convergence through a determined struggle.

Although you are aware that at present, every known person is a member of your family or the people who have known or understood the path of reform from you, by examining your past practices, rejecting your current carnal corrective work, Doubt will look comfortable with that vision. Faced with such complex situations, while struggling on the path of reform, while maintaining a struggle, on the smooth paths of life while handling the self, continuing to be progressive towards life while facing the complexity of life, the friends in truth have never been so easily.

Remember … that morning was as familiar and energetic as it was in the morning of some other day. The same feeling that the first feeling of the day had arisen in the morning, there was never a slight difference from any other day. The first thing to realize when the eye opened in the morning was that even today, like in the last couple of days, I did not wake up at 3.10 am in the morning, at 7:00 in the morning, to go to the akhada or stadium, unlike Swam’s (own) discipline. . And now I am not able to feel the same health and equally as before, but now I am going to be somewhat shabby like any old slaughter. Even today, when I got up in the morning, I was making my self-esteem that soon everything will be alright and I will wake up at 3:10 am in the morning and start an akhada going on setting up a discipline in my life. Today, this idea was a bit different in some ways, because just a few days ago, I met Akshmaat (accidentally) only with my Guruji (coach) and he inspired me to come back to the arena. At the right time, I will tell you the tales of this story, which is the first positive and positive change in my life and will always be there.

Whatever the nature may have been approved today. While churning out the aforesaid feelings, I started my daily routine by sacrificing my bed. First of all, on that day, I searched for my pocket and found some money. But then Akshmaat (immediately) noticed that for the last few months I have not even taken one rupee from my family. Then why was there so much batch of money in me today? I did not even have a sense of this about myself. Immediately I got a few rupees from my father’s pocket, that is, 100 rupees. Yes, I understood rightly without my father’s permission, I was able to get 100 rupees from his pocket, ie, 100 rupees in his pocket and kept waiting for him and his mother to go to the office of the Delhi police. . After some time, he also went off of his own office. After this I also took baths and tightened my lace boots and left my official police quarters outside without considering anything.

Today, I was feeling a little more bothered, and I had been reminded of the conversation that happened some days back, just a few days ago. And in the same absurd I was going away from a fast pace. As if I have come out of that route with my official police quarters. And after a few moments reached the nearest bus stop. After that…

The rest will be released from the next blog.

Written by Vikrant Rajliwal

21/06/2019 at 9;00 pm

This is my translation of the Hindi language blog in the English language. If any error in the translation has hurt someone’s feelings, then I am sorry.20181015_120830


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