By now, you have known how in the year 2003-04, going through a tender age, how an insignificant change has come in my life and how and with which thoughts started that day. And how do I get out of my police official quarters and pass through Mandi (Asia’s largest fruit and vegetable market) with a broken wall sitting on the roadside across the market, near some of the addicts and some other addicts gaming on gilasiyo
on the ground near them Got to stand up and then ..

Now further.

  And then a voice came from one side that is to bet? As soon as I hear this, I walk away from them that a addict comes a few steps behind me and asks me to stop and ask do you want to pudiya (bhaag & Dhatura? Hearing this from his mouth, I stared at him from top to bottom in a police manner and told him how much it was. On hearing this from my mouth, a wave of joy ran across his face and he said, first to take a puff, then to see and we sit on the railway track and inhale and in the first puff I came to know that my brother Somebody has a bubble. And I took three drug Pudiya (bhaang & dhatura) from her and entered the mandi (Asia’s biggest fruit vegetable market) through the same broken wall to come back and with every rising step the sight and tone in front of my vision was loud and Fast and my intoxication continued to intensify. After that, I have no recollection of how I was able to get back to my government police quarters from that confusing state. But it is so important to remember that on reaching my police quarters, I had a strong kick on the door of my policeman’s quatter while suffering from thirst and dry throat.

After a few moments, I came to know that I had locked and after removing the key from my pocket, I open the lock and enter inside the police quarters. As soon as I enter my quater, I close the door and empty a cold bottle from the fridge and empty half of it in one knee. Now I get some control over my senses and my breath. And I think about my last night what I had created something scary. I will tell you about that which was very terrible, but not yet at the appropriate time by one of the upcoming blogs. Thinking of all this, I take a cigarette out of my pocket and stand outside a window of that fourth floor policeman quater and take a look outside and with a jerk, ignite that curvy cigarette very loudly. I puff. At the same time, the door bell of the Quarter rings. And I start wondering who would have come this time. Thinking that I give one to two puffs and that is when the doorbell rings again. And I slowly approached near the door and peeped out of the door with the third eye, But the saroor, which had drunk the puff of a drunk cigarette, was now beginning to dominate my brain again. And in that stage I don’t see any thing properly outside and I open the door with a jerk.

Remaining next blog …

A real truth based on true events written by Vikrant Rajliwal

19 August 2019 at 1:45pm

If there has been any error in my translation, due to which someone is hurt, then I apologize.


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