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  And I open the door. At that time, I could not understand anything properly in the saroor of Pudia (bhang, dhatura). Yes, still remember so much that maybe I open the door and stand back near the same window and throw out the smoldering cigarette of the pudiya ( bhang, dhatura) that is still there. Yes, remember, after that, two friends of my father, whom I knew well, he come and stand near by me. And some smilingly ask me that there is a strange smoke here. In response to this, I smile and agree with him.

At the same time, he tells me that today is the party Wishky (Madaria) will drink. On hearing this from his mouth, my forehead goes down and a strange restlessness starts happening. Don’t know why? Probably I had no hope of any such thing from him. Then there is a thought that something is wrong but at that time could not even realize at all what could be wrong. Still, stopping my restlessness, I ask him to speak to my father, uncle! because no family member is present there at the time except me on the police quarter. On hearing this from my mouth, he immediately calls my father from mobile and my father also gives his consent that it is okay to have a party. After that, he shows me the shoes and ask whoes is this, seeing my new shoes in their hands, my saroor gets a bit lighter. And I remember that perhaps I had gone from Mandi (Asia’s largest fruit and vegetable market) at Sarur in Pudia to my blood relative (Tau ji) house instead of coming straight police quarter, I remember that I had come to my police quarter wearing old, broken shoes in torn shoes instead of shoes. Right now I was thinking everything that only then one of them says to my uncle that you wear your new shoes, then party. But I tell them that it is not my shoes, this torn shoes is my and now let’s go to the party, Papa has also given permission. And I lock that my policeman quater. After that the three of us get out of that police quarters and stop Uncle Scooter at a distance of about 100 meters and another uncle (whom I call Mausa Ji) who used to live in that police colony is also sit down on the scooter. They sit down and start gearing the previous Uncle Scooter. All of this seemed very strange to me, but I silently sat almost on the Stepney of the scooter. At that time, I did not realize even a little bit that the police colony with which I have a lot of sour and sweet memories of two and a half to three years (2.5 to 3 years), I am seeing it for the last time. And the uncle who was taking us to the party, we sit on his scooter and get out of the police colony quickly.

After some time we cross the red light of the highway and come to Burari road. And I was almost in the same position sitting on the stepny of the scooter thinking that here is our plot (on which we are building and living in the present time), perhaps the party is on the same empty plot today. But when his scooter quickly moves past leaving the turn of the plot, then I wonder what is the matter today and what is the party that Papa has also approved. In that strange state of motion, the four of us on the scooter and I were sitting on the stepney at the back, thinking that only then the scooter stops on one side of an empty deserted road.

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Written by Vikrant Rajliwal.
Republishing date is 14/09/2019 at 6:35 pm

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