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On a deserted road of a scooter, as soon as we stop in an empty space on one side, we all, one by one, get off the scooter and stand on the side of the road. Thereafter, Uncle X, (fictitious name), located about 50 meters away, while looking at an office, says that he is an office, let’s go. As soon as he said this, I was convinced that there is a party in that office today and there must have already been a sprinkling of liquor and sprinkles of liquor. On thinking this, I very enthusiastically walk with them towards that office. But upon reaching there, my forehead gets a tinkle. There, a middle-aged man Sukesh Shonthi (fictitious name) was sitting on the chair. He smiles at us and welcomes us. And there were other decent people standing around him. We enter the office and sit on the chair in front of him. While sitting in our chair, that middle-aged man smilingly asks me, do you know me? I was feeling very strange all this. While somehow controlling my restlessness, I tell him very easily that no, I do not know you. Then he asks me whether you smoke cigarettes or alcohol. My hidden uneasiness began to appear from their conversation. At that time I could not understand why he was asking me such a question. When we come to party here, we will naturally drink alcohol, then why are they behaving so strangely. Bowing to all these thoughts, then I tell them that yes I am Drinking alcohol. Get it now. As soon as I say this, Uncle X stands up from the chair and along with him Uncle Y (Moussa ji) and I also get out of the office while standing in my chair. Then where Uncle X had parked his scooter, he comes and stands near a closed door. Then Uncle Ekus tells me that Vicky (my nick name) let’s go inside. As soon as they say this, I feel that the party is going to start. And as soon as I turned behind them, then Uncle Yai (Moussa ji) held my hand and insisted with great confidence, told me not to go inside Vicky. This is what remained with me. Uncle Yai (Mausa ji) who works in Delhi Police Department. I was very surprised by his strange behavior. At that time, I could not even realize why he was saying this to me. Then Uncle X makes a voice saying that Vicky come. And I tell Uncle Yai (Mousa ji) that nothing will happen, come and go. Saying so, I enter inside with Uncle X through that closed door.

At that time it seemed to me that behind the closed door there must be some colorful program of alcohol’s or any such colorful program is going to be there today. That is why we have come on such a scooter today to party at such a deserted and secret place. I almost reached there by sitting at Stepney. But as soon as I enter through the closed door, my senses fly away. As soon as I entered inside that closed door, in front of my eyes, my young boys and young men who looked like some mushtando (Healthy boys), there was a whole army. The first thought that came to me after seeing them was that this is definitely a child prison. And today we have come to this party. With this one feeling behind Uncle X, I enter a nearby room, through that closed door. Where a bed and some other discount put-alike was present. As soon as I entered that room, I felt that this is where the party will be today. The only place Uncle X and I sit in that room is to sit on that bed. Then Uncle X says take off your shoes and sit comfortably, I come now. As soon as he said this, I realized that he definitely went to call Uncle Yai (Mausa ji) and arrange the party. After he left, I sat there for about five minutes, and after that I took off my socks and smoked a bidi (cigar), and lay very leisurely on that bed. At the same time a person of a weak body enters the room in the most ordinary clothes. Don’t know why he was smiling at me. Before I tell him anything, he starts to poach in that room. Then I lie down to him in the same way that Uncle X I came in with is said? As soon as I say this, he smiles without missing a single moment and says that he has gone!

What did he mean at that time? I could not understand that. For about five to ten minutes or some time I kept taking the lonely inside the room, trying to understand those words of the person that he had gone. Suddenly with a jerk, inside the room, a wrestler type of my father’s age, a body builder, and a few other hatted young men enter with him. I was surprised to see them entering the room like this. But I kept lying down like that. All those people stand near me and then I get up and sit and tell them that where is Uncle X I said? Then he, like that first person, tells me that he has gone. As soon as they say this, I start wearing my socks. He was saying something to me, but after listening to him that he went. My Rome Rome (inside my body) was burning like a burning ember. And I was not interested in hearing any of his words. After wearing my socks, I now stand up wearing my shoes. Now we all stood face to face each other. At that time my Rome Rome (my body inside) was burning with anger and all of them were still smiling while looking at me. All this seemed to me very strange. With this strange poor mood I tell them that I have to go out. Just then a young man removes the curtain of the room and stares at me, looking inside the room. Then the scene that I saw entering inside the closed door once again appears that many such mustandas (Healthy Boys) were present here.

Suddenly I realize that I am stuck here very badly. After a while, after staring at him with anger, that Body Builder Uncle’s age, I try to knock him out of the room with his arm. Then he smiles in the same way that you can no longer go out. They were all still smiling. Which made me feel a little comfortable now. But hiding that ease, I ask him to go out in the same way. Then without losing even a single moment, he says to another young man, who appears like a mustanda standing near him, that he should take a search. As soon as he says this, he proceeds to search, but I remove him from one side and say that I have nothing. Then he starts searching himself, who looks like a Body builder. First he searches for the shirt pocket but he finds nothing there. Then I tell them that I had said that I have nothing. Then he searches my paint pocket and suddenly a smile comes on his face and he gets a pudding. Then I tell them, now you have got the pudiya. Now let me go out. But while continuing his search, he smiles again, getting another pudiya. Then I tell them that it was just this pudiya anymore. Now let me go out. But by continuing his search in the same way, he also obtains the third and final pudiya. I tell him once more that this was now the last lap and it is not my lap. Someone caught me to keep. After a few moments and searching, he is now convinced that I was telling the truth. Then he tells me that now you have to be here. On hearing this, I too smiled towards them and kept a control on myself and said how could this happen? I have to go now. Then the sir says very simply that this is a de-addiction center. And now you have to be the same. On hearing this from his mouth, the fire of anger once again ignited in my veins. But realizing the seriousness of that situation, I take a silence.

Then he calls a young man Shakir (fictional name) to get his family introduced with introduction. At that time, it seemed to me that my mother and father are present here and are taking me to get my talks once before placing me here. If this happens then I will get out of here today and now because it is not yet known to me how dangerous and menopaulated I can be. I was just contemplating all this when Shakir comes near to me and tells me that let’s do the family introduction. What will you say after reaching there? After a few moments of silence, he again explains to me, what is your name? Yes, I Vicky. Then he says don’t speak like that, say my name is Addict Vicky. On hearing this from his mouth, I felt as if he was trying to make fun of me. Then I enter the hall behind a closed curtain close behind him.

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Written by Vikrant Rajliwal


21 October 2019 Time at 8:12 pm.


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