🌠 Cosmos And Master’s. (Republished)

Many of our mysteries have been adjusted in our vast universe. And the mysteries of this universe are full of a variety of abilities. Even those mysteries or Acharyas can not be imagined by any ordinary man. But still some promising masters declare the world the new day in a variety of ways by trying a lot to uncover the mysteries of all the wonderful miracles of the supernatural universe.

Cosmos And Master’s

Here I would like to ask from every mascot whether the evidence is always 100 percent true? Many times those proofs do not appear to be true even when it is true. Normal maushchya or paused mastik, whose numbers are usually more. Those facts or proofs only seem to be imaginary. So can the mathak prove completely untrue? Or is there any extraordinary thinking hidden behind the mindset of those seemingly ordinary? Whatever the case … many times we all have seen that the evidence that appears to be true today in the direction of a co-existence, some time after some other knowledgeable or extraordinary masters prove that the evidence is false by evidence collected by them. The world reveals a new evidence or facts.

Our Mentor often declares the quantity without solving its facts. Actually we have this human mantra? Is it not just the collection of data, just like a computer in this?

There are many promising and curious manuscripts present in our world. But even if some knowledgeable mind
If you make a mistake, is it completely the fault of him? After all, did this false information or false fact come in that mathak? Is it anyway that a driver or a ghostly master has transferred or faked this false fact to the software program of that master? And without being able to come out of his own self, his experiments proved that he was using his own experiment with unsuccessful experiments?

well whatever! I would like to ask that if any corrupted or devious mascot comes to you, what …? Someone will have to find a break from this malicious software software. but how ?

Actually it can be destroyed by affecting the functioning of our human masters, even though it is a corrupted software * like a type of harmful virus *. But the break of this virus is hidden in our own human brain. Which just requires a proper guidance. This perfection is true. Not only from today but from our own time, there is such an anti virus or break with our own human masters, which can not even imagine any ordinary human being.

In today’s context, if we talk about, today’s human masters are making a mistake to understand themselves as something more intense and faster than * fast *. And they are getting ready to prove them defective or useless while refusing all those anti-viruses.

Do you have the knowledge that what is the anti-virus? And how does this work?

G’s answer is hiding in the supernatural. Spirituality is the only way through which we can repair all those malicious human beings with the help of anti-virus of spirituality by repairing them with all those malicious heads.

Yet today’s sharp masters are continuously experimenting with innovation, refusing all those personalized software. Many times the situation is very terrible. And no antivirus can also be used for those corrupt human masters. Then all those corrupt human masters have to enter the name, filing of names, for the treatment of their infected software, human masti software engineer i.e. Human Mental Reform Home * mental hospital * which we also know as madhouse. But keep in mind that often people have come to see everything repaired with a glimpse of a sign, then what?

The world of mausoleum is also a big weird world. In my eyes, the human mansatta is very unique, without any viruses or disturbances, they work on the anti-virus dosage of spirituality. And feel happy while feeling healthy.

Today, daily new discoveries are happening. And those new discoveries are very old despite not being new, on the path of spirituality. Many times we have heard some scholars say that we have heard that this topic or the path of the superstitious or spiritual soft-ware is useless, and this is the soft ware associated with women’s work or cowardly mastheads. So should we have to accept that women’s women and men’s brains are illusory. And do their software work differently? Or nature made them differently or with different ideas. These are mere mere human memories that are mere mere imagination.

For millennia, the male masculature has understood the female masculature as being less or less of its intelligence. So can a person be high or low only by the basis of gender?
If you see, men’s masks are somewhat shocked and paradigm, then why?

First of all, I can explain here that no human mantra can only be of high or low rank by the basis of gender. If someone thinks so, then it is the fault of that human, its contaminated human masculature. Through my statement, there may have been an idea in the minds of many corrupt human minds, why it is so?

So know that today the woman’s masculature has shown herself, by establishing her extravagant faculty in every field of this world, by proving that her female masters human software is in any way wiped out from any male dominated human masti software Or does not have less intelligence.

Today women are constantly creating new history. Why if there is a mistake, the blame is not of any kind, but of the thinking or the soft-ware it moves. The defect is of those figures which are unknowingly uploaded or made in it.

The manner in which women’s masks have been shown using their softwares and which have created history
It has proved to him that if we use our gifts properly, then every person will be proud of the soft-ware of his human masters.

Similarly, the universe of the universe and the mauschak can not be solved completely, no friends are still only beginning. Today, we are in dire need of a human mood softwire which can lead all future generations on a noble path of ethics, humanity and equality.

And no harmful virus can do its work on the software or ideas and ideals that are perfect for humanity. Only then will each one proud himself, feeling himself healthy and refreshing. Today’s younger generation should prepare such a young mind for future, and it is the responsibility of every responsible person. My friends

If that happens, then the day is not far when no masculine will forget to understand itself as Hind and helpless. And on this whole universe, only a parade of good governance will be the rule. When will that day come !!! When will that day … that day?

Written by Vikrant Rajliwal

(Translated by Vikrant Rajliwal,
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