You need to have a positive feeling that you have wasted the precious time due to the misdeeds and misdeeds of your past, and by adopting the path of truth in the current era, while improving your own dilapidated person, Use of time and your persistence on that divine path can be a path of improvement.

And if you do not want to use the path of that improvement, you will not be able to use it even if you do not want it at the present time. That is, you see the destruction of the time of your present period as a result of the unbelieving of the people of the higher power of yourself, or even the precious time when the existence is destroyed. After this you awakened the power of Swam and continued towards the path of truth continuously. If you are able to reclaim those lost priceless opportunities while advancing on the path of reform, then it can be your recovery. By whom you have recovered the opposition of the people of the highest power by having your determination power, keeping faith in the integrity and determination power of themselves.

You can do a real miracle by working on determination power and its development. By making use of his own determination power and discipline of miracles, the miracle is to create a high quality of himself and to make the other needy aware of that divine path through that bright person too.

In this way, you can develop a positive development of your personality by constantly developing your own resolve power through real experiences of yourself.

Inspired by the true experiences of written by Vikrant Rajliwal

First publication on12 June 2019 1:55 pm



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