💥 Recovery is your birthright.

Recovery of which you really have the right. Recovery Through those positive actions and sacred prayers, those emotions, those rights, those honorable things and things that your addiction * addiction * has thrown you away from you and pushed you into an eternal poverty.

Poverty is of good quality, poverty is not able to accept a lack of selflessness, living a free and immersive life away from its addictions. Eliminating all these types of poverty, accepting the real person of yourself. Ever living daily with virtuous habits and for his favors and for all those devils, who are still being spent in some way while still wasting their precious lives in the wake of some kind of addiction. By praying with your conscience in your heart’s heart for your self and self-satisfaction, you can achieve your eternal life by living a daily recovery every day.
For this, you need a proper guidance and a realistic experience that will enable you to save your ability to provide a positive and positive environment through every possible step of your real experience and knowledge.

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Written by Vikrant Rajliwal

(Tralslation by Vikrant Rajliwal)

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💥 Truth is a cultural belief.

FB_IMG_1536414617181Often, I read about the ancient Vedic history that Arya was an important class belonging to Hindu religion that came from Europe.

But I believe in our Hindu religion and Goddesses, Puranas, Vedas and Culture of our India, that it may be that Aryans reside in Europe or an ancient royal class of Arya is there.

But it does not seem to suggest that the Aryan had come from Europe in India, the possibility of this fact appears to be equally non-existent while being shuddering. On the contrary, the Aryans had gone towards Europe for years, the possibility of this fact is excessive. Not only this, I am not saying that friends are also an important fact behind this when India was living like a primitive tribe in the Stone Age, at that time India was passing through a golden age of its golden age.

And it can also be that at the time when this fact was given to this fact, India was a helpless country bound by chains of slavery, and by breaking those cultural beliefs and beliefs of India, a conspiracy to eradicate India’s culture Negative try can also happen!

The above thoughts are my personal opinion of Swamy which is inspired by my Hindu religion and mythological cultural beliefs of India.

Thank you.

Written by Vikrant Rajliwal

(This is a translation of my Hindi article in English, if any mistake has been made in error, then I apologize.)

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💥 Real experience

20181123_164911Always keeping your mind calm while keeping faith in your God’s grace.

Surprising in front of an experienced personality, protecting himself from all forms of addiction.

You can get a happy opportunity of your lost self-esteem and life advancement.

Are you ready to accept of your own real person, to achieve such a golden dream, which can help you to get an eternal experience of your real calmness? Which you really deserve.

Written by Vikrant Rajliwal
(Translation of my Hindi articles by me)
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💥 Way of improvement and attraction. (Reblog)

On the path of reform we face every moment of our weak or distraught feeling or devious mindset, weighing a lot of weird thoughts and reaching one step closer to victory or we can change our path to reciprocate our inconsistent and non-social addiction. .

From here we are known to have two passages and both start with the same, but the direction of both is never the same.

On this path of improvement, it is sure to face the path of every improvement from this crossroads. And this crossroads start with a charm.

First of all, we are attracted to the non-social adjective that we were consumed while consuming, and because of that attraction, some of the people on whom God takes a tremendous blessing of your high power, adopts it. And to reach the path and to face the destructive attraction of truth with true power and true thought, one step of victory is reached.

And secondly, those who are not blessed with God’s grace or who are ungrateful, by submitting to their devious mentality, bowing before their weak self-esteem, they make a compromise and because of their weak mentality and creepy thinking, Ignorance takes control.

Here we go about two paths and two types of traveler whose origin place comes out of the same direction and that direction is attraction and dedication. But you should know that there are two types of consequences of both these ways, as if ..

The first is the one on whom the grace of God leads to the grace of their good deeds, the one who faces the power of his Satyakarma, by his every kind of addiction, is a buzzing attraction;

1) The first is the path of victory which is easily gained from proper practical knowledge and proper congruence and ensures their victory by moving them one step further towards the path of improvement.

2) And secondly, due to the lack of due diligence, due to the lack of proper persistence in each and every circumstance, believing on the power of his Satyakarma and the power of his God, accepting his weak mindset, a proper conjunction and a genuine winner, through his guidance, Keeping one of the steps of victory going forward, avoiding the overwhelming attraction.

👉 In contrast to this, it is the second type of person who does not want to go on the path of improvement, even if he does not want to attract all kinds of Asocial addiction, due to lack of proper persistence, he does not want his wrong move. Again, they come in the way of their inconsistent and non-social addiction, as a result, they do not appreciate the power of their God and they are again trapped in a trap where they meet them. And only pain, relationships broken by broken feelings, pain of an unknown fear, pain which they get due to one of their wrong steps, which they could survive only and only the proper practical knowledge and the unifying knowledge obtained from a consistent connotation And from the experiment, he could have escaped from a proper step resulting from a proper guidance obtained from a proper concordance.

👉 From here, they also have two groups

1) The first, who, after getting them rectified properly from Satyakarma, leads them towards Satyakarma, and trains them towards the path of reform. One while eliminating their pain, giving them a step and win, gives us a sense of peace .

2) And second is that step which, by the absence of a proper congruence, increases itself to one of our inconsistent and non-social addictions, one step further, introduces our pain to an eternal and unexpected period. Where there is sadness, Poverty, disease, and psychological difficulties, not only their own but also ruins the life of their loved ones, making them even worse than hell.

That is why the attainment of proper perception and proper knowledge and higher experience on the path of improvement are very important, because the path of victory (path of peace) is further strengthened by proper fidelity, and it gets proper fidelity, we get decent and honorable before the knowledgeable people. From the meeting with them, acquiring knowledge from their experiences in a proper and lithe atmosphere, acquiring an eternal experience of peace While doing good and proper guidance at the right time, giving us protection from the ridiculous but dangerous toxic charm of our every kind of incompatible and anti-social addiction, one step of victory and near Delivering.

Thank you.

Writer, writer, and ideas written by Vikrant Rajaliwal, (Recovery Addict at Life)

(Republish by Vikrant Rajliwal after some amendments.)

💥 Society, Education and Psychological support.

IMG_20181024_135604_422When a child is born in this world, he is welcomed with his utmost enthusiasm in his family. After that, all the members of his family, according to their own mental level, have the wisdom and behavior of the ignorant child in their knowledge and education. Impressing with the effect, an effort is made to educate him.

After a period of time, that obscure child is introduced to his outside family from outside the world and apart from his family members, he also comes in the contact area of ​​many other people. Some of which may be of social reversal and some of them may also be of non-social reverses. According to their own mental level, they make an effort to educate the child’s intellect and behavior by the influence of his own knowledge and education, and educate him according to his mental level.

Thus, now the observer child faces a variety of monthly situations and creates a mental state of self, and following it, following many life experiences, facing various types of ups and downs, Makes an effort to ensure a place of Sometimes this effort can be positive and sometimes that effort can be negative too.

In short, here I would like to say to all the great achievements that the efforts of the children who are endeavoring to be positive are hidden behind those positive endeavors. Those attempts of all the positive mental-level persons who make it effective with their positive thoughts. The obscure child, who had been given a proper social knowledge and practices, made an introduction to him very closely.

And on the contrary, if the child’s efforts are negative or non-social, then they are hidden behind their negative efforts, one of the efforts of all the non-Ascendant people, to which the obscure child had become an acquaintance, and that resulted in them Individuals of all negative or non-social psychic levels influenced that obscure child with their negative and misbehavior Wrath child made her an introduction very close to them all the anti-social behavior and make ideas.

The essence of the above topic is that it is not so complicated to understand an obscene child and its mental level. It is necessary for you to have a patience to understand the mental level of yourself, and with that patience your ability to refine every positive behavior, and every negative and non-social behavior of that obscure child and thoughts and thoughts in your love and respect Having a potential to make a positive change from faith is very important.

And this ability arises out of every good feeling and behavior made by mutual love and guidance. On the contrary, 85% of our civil society parents attempt to resolve their every changing behavior with their little knowledge, without any effort to understand the real cause of the changing social progress of their ignorance child. In which most parents have to face failure. As a result, the mental state of that obscure child still takes on a much more complex form. As a result many parents have not forgotten that obscene person for all their problems and punished him in many ways. As a result, many tensed children are forced to commit suicide.

Therefore it is extremely important to understand the mental condition of a disobedient child very closely. And with a right knowledge and guidance, you make an introduction with a proper guidance by bringing a positive change in all the ways and thoughts of all the children of your civilized society and ideas. As a result, their all kinds of negative and anti-social behaviors can be converted into a positive and social behavior. Because every one of your behavior and thoughts have been done patiently by every proper knowledge and love you have adopted, a positive change in all kinds of negative and anti-social behavior and thoughts of all the people of the society and all of us. Having a capacity to do

Written by Vikrant Rajliwal
19/11/2018 at 22:27pm
(This is the translation of a Hindi text of mine if I have made a mistake in mistake, then I apologize to all the loved ones.)

💥 समाज, शिक्षा और मनोवैज्ञानिक आधार।

एक शिशु जब इस संसार मे जन्म लेता है तो उसका उसके परिवार में एक अत्यंत उत्साह के साथ स्वागत किया जाता है। इसके उपरांत उसके परिवार के समस्त सदस्य अपने अपने मानसिक स्तर के अनुसार उस अबोध बालक की बुद्धि एव व्यवहार को अपने ज्ञान एव शिक्षा के प्रभाव से प्रभाविक करते हुए उसको शिक्षित करने का एक प्रयास करते है।

एक समय के उपरांत उस अबोध बालक का उसके घर परिवार से अलग बाहर के संसार से एक परिचय होता है एव अपने परिवार के सदस्यों के अलावा भी वह कई अन्य जनो के सम्पर्क क्षेत्र में भी आ जाता है। जिसमे से कुछ जन समाजिक परवर्ती के एव उनमें से कुछ जन असमाजिक परवर्ती के भी हो सकते है। जो अपने अपने मानसिक स्तर के अनुसार उस अबोध बालक की बुद्धि एव व्यवहार को अपने अपने ज्ञान एव शिक्षा के प्रभाव से प्रभावित करते हुए उसको अपने मानसिक स्तर के अनुसार शिक्षित करने का एक प्रयास करते है।

इस प्रकार अब वह अबोध बालक अनेक प्रकार की मासिक स्थितियों का सामना करते हुए स्वम् की एक मानसिक स्थिति तैयार कर लेता है एव उसका अनुसरण करते हुए अनेक प्रकार के अपने जीवन अनुभवों से गुजरते हुए अनेक प्रकार के उतार चढ़ावों का सामना करते हुए समाज मे अपना स्वम् का एक स्थान सुनिचित करने का एक प्रयास करता है। कभी कभी यह प्रयास सकारात्मक हो सकता है एव कभी कभी वह प्रयास नकारात्मक भी हो सकता है।

संक्षेप में यहाँ मैं आप सभी महानुभवों से इतना ही कहना चाहूंगा कि जिन भी बालको का प्रयास सकारत्मक होता है उनके उस सकारात्मक प्रयास के पीछे छुपे हुए होते है उन समस्त सकारात्मक मानसिक स्तर के व्यक्तियों का एक वह प्रयास जिन्होंने उसको अपने सकारात्मक विचारों से प्रभाविक करते हुए उस अबोध बालक को एक उचित समाजिक ज्ञान एव व्यवहारों से उसका एक परिचय अत्यंत समीप से करवाया।

एव इसके विपरीत जिन भी बालको का प्रयास नकारात्मक या असमाजिक होता है तो उनके उस नकारात्मक प्रयास के पीछे छुपे हुए होते है उन समस्त असमाजिक परवर्तियों के व्यक्तिओ का एक वह प्रयास, जिनसे उस अबोध बालक का उसकी अबोधता वश एक परिचय हो गया था एव जिसके फलस्वरूप उन समस्त नकारात्मक या असमाजिक मानसिक स्तर के व्यक्तियों ने उस अबोध बालक को अपने नकारात्मक एव दुर्व्यवहारों से प्रभावित करते हुए उस अबोध बालक का अपने उन समस्त असमाजिक व्यवहारों एव विचारो से उसका एक परिचय अत्यंत समीप से करवाया।

उपरोक्त विषय का सार इतना ही है कि एक अबोध बालक एव उसकी मानसिक स्तर को समझ पाना इतना भी जटिल कार्य नही होता। बस आपमे उसके मानसिक स्तर को समझने का एक धैर्य होना एव अपने उस धैर्य द्वारा उसके हर सकारात्मक व्यवहार को और भी निखारने की एक क्षमता का होना अति आवश्यक होता है एव उस अबोध बालक के हर एक नकारात्मक एव असमाजिक व्यवहार एव विचारो में अपने प्रेम एव विशवास से एक सकारत्मक परिवर्तन करने की एक क्षमता का होना भी अति आवश्यक होता है।

और यह क्षमता उत्पन्न होती है आपसी प्रेम एव सही मार्गदर्शन के द्वारा किए गए हर नेक भाव एव व्यहार से। इसके विपरीत हमारे सभ्य समाज के 85% अभिभावक अपने उस अबोध बालक की बदलती समाजिक प्रवर्ति के वास्तविक कारण को समझने का कोई भी एक प्रयास न करते हुए उसके हर बदलते व्यवहारों का अपने अल्प ज्ञान से समझने एव सुलझने का प्रयास करते है। जिसमे अधिकतर अभिभावकों को असफलता का ही सामना करना पड़ता है। जिसके फलस्वरूप उस अबोध बालक की मानसिक स्थिति अब और भी अधिक विकट रूप धारण कर लेती है। जिसके फलस्वरूप कई अभिभावक अपनी हर प्रकार की समस्या के लिए उस अबोध बालक को ही दोषी सिद्ध करते हुए उसको अनेको अनेक प्रकार से दण्डित करने से भी नही चूकते। जिसके परिणामस्वरूप कई तनावग्रस्त बालक आत्महत्या तक करने के लिए विवश हो जाते है।

इसिलए एक अबोध बालक की मानसिक एक व्यवहारिक स्थिति को अत्यंत समीप से समझना अत्यंत आवश्यक होता है। एव एक सही ज्ञान एव मार्गदर्शन से आप हर प्रकार से अपने एव अपने सभ्य समाज के समस्त बालको के व्यवहारों एव विचारो में एक सकारत्मक परिवर्तन लाते हुए उनका एक उचित मार्गदर्शन से एक परिचय उपलब्ध करवा देते है। जिसके परिणामस्वरूप उनके हर प्रकार के नकारात्मक एव असामाजिक व्यवहारों को एक सकारात्मक एव सामाजिक व्यवहारों में परिवर्तित किया जा सकता है। क्यों कि आपके द्वारा अपनाए गए हर एक उचित ज्ञान एव प्रेम भाव के द्वारा धैर्य से किया गया आपका हर एक व्यवहार एव विचार आपके एव हम सब के सभ्य समाज के समस्त अबोध बालको के हर प्रकार के नकारात्मक एव असामाजिक व्यवहारों एव विचारो में एक सकारात्मक परिवर्तन उतपन्न करने की एक क्षमता रखता है।

विक्रांत राजलीवाल द्वारा लिखित।
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🙏 एक सूचना।

नमस्कार प्रिय पाठकों एव हर दिलाज़िज़ श्रुताओं,

मित्रों आ रहा हु इस शक्रवार रात्रि 9:00 बजे Live आपके अपने YouTube चैनल Vikrant Rajliwal पर अपनी एक आगामी अप्रकाशित नवीन काव्य व्यंग्य रचना मंत्री जी के साथ सिर्फ और सिर्फ आपके लिए। कृपया समय से आप सभी प्रियजन आपके अपने यूट्यूब चैनल Vikrant Rajliwal से जुड़ जाए।

जिससे आप सभी प्रियजनों को मेरी इस आगामी काव्य व्यंग्य रचना का Live आनन्द प्राप्त हो सके।


आपका अपना विक्रांत राजलीवाल (स्वंत्रत लेखक)

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💥 Has a right.

IMG_20181102_081045_576This is the right of every child born in this world.
He also got education initiation and knowledge of sanskars and a right of his development ..

The above verse written by Vikrant Rajliwal (by myself) is an authentic experience, a feeling of change, a realization of Vikrant Rajliwal (Swamy), which is certified and motivated by his private life struggle, how a disorganized child (Mr. Vikrant Rajliwal ) In his raw age (2004, 18 years), by struggling with drug addiction, he was defeated by the blessings of his master, Faced with the perseverance of the complex and complex situations, not only the drugs became addicted to drugs but by transforming their illiterate life with their satyakarma, they passed 12th class from the year 2009 and graduated from Delhi University in the year 2013.

Taking inspiration from your education, taking inspiration from your education and civilized literature, in the year 2016, in January 2016, his first poetic book * Realization *, whose center point was a humiliating feeling from the civil society of all of us, to humanity, the harsh feeling of socialism and humanity. The effort is simply written and published. And now using online technology, you are constantly trying for more positive social change while sharing your hearted feelings with all your loved ones.

It seems as simple as all this is actually never really that simple. In this life, the common people also face the most complex type of confrontation while struggling for an opportunity, and a drug addiction, whether it is due to their ignorance at the age of 15 to 16 years, using drugs to get rid of drug addiction. Or who has not only consumed this addiction during that raw age with the knowledge of a particular age, but once it is rehabilitated Endra (addiction that is reached in the center), his life changes. In short, you can say this in the way that the opportunity (education and sports jumping) available only ever saved, it seems like a war, like a bitter truth, a feeling of being in front of him, Do it.

At any given time in this life, no one can get any opportunity for the development of a discharged child or person from a rehabilitation center for its development. And every opportunity is an unknowable tale of pain in itself, behind which there are hidden behind it, and only if it is helpless and suffering from the exploitation of a cruel person, her tears filled with sing of tears, a Nissan.

I hope all the dear readers can reach the real reason of writing this article.

Thank you.

Written by Vikrant Rajliwal

(Translation by Vikrant Rajliwal)

18/11/2018 at 15:35 pm

*After the error correction in republished typing. The last time was marked as 10th in place of 12th.*

🇮🇳 Martyr.

Kashmir is the crown of my country

The martyrdom where the soldiers have given me
The name of that land is Kashmir.

Take the iron enemies from the hero
Cut your head
That is born our Kashmir

Not wound up my wounds
Has given the name a vatan
On every wound, where is the head-crown Kashmir.

Written by Vikrant Rajliwal

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(Translation by Vikrant Rajliwal)


💥 Feeling…🕊

Often in this world worldly people and relationships change like the changing season. Sometimes it may seem very brutal and extremely gentle towards you. There is no blame in this. Is it all the effect of changing weather? Weather, it is not rainy or natural weather that changes according to its particular season. Rather it can be a seasonal change, whose point is always the same, and this change happens according to your social and economic status.

Here selfishness and ambiguity are very important parts of this seasonal transformation feeling. A person suffering from a hungry hunger to prove his self is a very important member of this group, who can fall down to the extent of humanity in order to fulfill his selfishness by any combination, and if he gets opportunity For the sake of this mutual self-interest, it does not hesitate to strike one another.

Those who try to prove this kind of selfish, unhappy and self-righteous, Itselfs selfish character, as a changing season in Itself having a capacity to produce a cruel selfish transformation in family and social relationships, and their own cruel selfish It is known to all the maladies that exploit innocent innocent people with their cruel selfish behavior and thought of the result of change. It may be said that soon after becoming a part of the Terrible curse of God for all their misdeeds, God Himself can not protect those wicked people.

And soon all the males in this world, who have not known the innocent innocent, have been sleeping for anonymity and slander in a blind grave, including their full-fledged Cries of pain, a true feeling that this time the weather will again By changing Itself from them, when ever, has been swiftly transformed, and all the villagers like them, along with their soul, went to Fire of true. Inserting images truth incomes the feelings As a result of positive changes, unlike any penalty from punishment for their misdeeds every positive seasonal changes thinking very fierce and make them have been punished them divine fired fire to realize a truth.

As a result, there will be a true tribute to all the victims of those devils who have now fallen asleep in this deep and eternal state of death, or who have died in the death of an eternal period of eternal death Anonymity has been solved.

O God, I am Vikrant Rajliwal today, with all of my readers and those divine souls who are not born in any age in this world, even if their divine energy prevailed in this universe? I consider them as witnesses to you all those who have been exploited by any kind of exploitation in any form in any age, and whose painful voice is a help While ignoring everyone and hearing the person, giving them a cruel contribution in some way in their exploitation, they have caused a death and the cause of their death in the blindness of anonymity and in the future such justice I pray to you for all those innocent disadvantaged people and for the peace of your soul. Please give us such calmness that we have not to be born again in this cruel world and our soul can get a sense of peace.

Thank you.

His personal feeling written by Vikrant Rajliwal, inspired by his highly convincing feelings.
(Translation by Vikrant Rajliwal)

17/11/2018 at 10:20 am

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